Forgiveness Face to Face with Jesus

Last night I read my daughters the story of the paralysed man lowered through the roof of a house by his four friends to be healed by Jesus.  My daughter (4) asked why Jesus talked about the man’s sins?  It was a good question, why not just say “you’re healed” why instead forgive his sins? […]

Always Pressing Forward

I know it can be hard sometimes, but never give up on your dreams. Who you are and what you do is so unique. Never stop, never quit. Always keep pressing forwards. Pressing takes will and effort but you have what it takes!   In my business I do my best to focus on the […]

Keep in line with the original intent!

When ‘House of ilona’ first came to me, God said “it is for earthly and spiritual royalty!” I will never forget that moment. I always do my best to keep this in mind.   I’ve been working on a list of single words I’d use to describe House of ilona Clergy Collection. So for further […]

I am your Armour-bearer

What you wear for ministry is so important and significant.   There are things you’ve done in life, studied, positions you’ve held that seemly make no sense and don’t “seem” to fit into the overall picture of your life.  But if you love God and you’re called according to His purpose that means He makes […]

Can you let go and let God… have His way?

Faith is a powerful thing!  Although it goes against our natural way of thinking and doing things. Yes when Peter stepped out of the boat and walked onto the water, he saw the winds and began to sink, called for help and Jesus saved him. But the key is that Peter STEPPED OUT of the boat, […]

Pursuing Passion

What if you suddenly had EVERYTHING you’ve been hoping and praying for? Are you ready? If not, do everything you can to be ready. Just maybe, opportunities are waiting for YOU, to align your life and mind, so they can come and meet you! I was hoping and praying for so many things in my […]

The Greatness in You

I’m speaking to the greatness in you today. If no one has told you today (or ever) that you are truly amazing. I’m tell you! “You are Amazing, you have so much potential and you’ve not even stretched the surface of what lays inside of you, waiting to be revealed!” There is something deep down […]

What would Queen Esther wear… to minister?

Queen Esther in the bible was: – very beautiful – chosen out of many others – found favour with the King and head of the eunochs – had a heart for God’s people – risked her life for purpose What blows my mind about woman after woman in the ministry that I meet is their […]

Fashion at the Altar

Women bring something special to ministry; their femininity, their strength and their nurturing nature. That’s what makes their role so important. Today more than ever women in ministry are complaining about the boxy, shapeless shirts on offer. Why should a woman’s style go from stylish and elegant, to manly and boxy, when she is dressed […]