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August Best Seller

Our new Clergy Tea Dress hasn’t been out for long, but it has already taken House of ilona by storm. By mid-August, The Clergy Tea dress sales were soaring far above the rest. We are so glad you are loving it:   The Clergy Tea Dress is a gorgeous flowing dress that reaches the […]

Ordination Gifts

A Great Gift Ordinations have been a popular theme amongst our clients recently; which is simply wonderful. We love to see our clients progressing in their ministry.   What gift could be better for a newly appointed female minister, than an item from our clergy collection? We have different styles to fit a variety of […]

FREE eBook Developing Your Personal Style For Women in Ministry

Have you seen our online eBook for our beautiful House of ilona clients? It’s titled ‘Developing Your Personal Style For Women in Ministry’, and it’s FREE! The eBook is a word of encouragement to female ministers and Christian women in general can benefit from the messages is contains. We feel it is important to remember […]

A Lamp and A Light

Allow God’s Word to be a lamp and a light in your life.   Reading and meditating on God’s word will give light and direction to your life.  Sometimes it’s the words you read, other times it’s the residue of wisdom it leaves in your spirit.   Keep moving!  As you get momentum, which is […]

Testimonials, we love to hear what you think

The growth of House of ilona has been largely due to the incredible feedback we get from our precious clients. Our clients help us to produce better products and constantly improve what we do and how we do it.   Here are some of the things our clients have said about House of ilona and […]

July Best Seller; Three Quarter Length Clergy Dress

In the month of July, the best seller at House of ilona was our Three Quarter Length Clergy Dress.   The dress speaks in the language of modesty with its full-length sleeves, covering arms and the length going past the knee to mid-calves. All whilst remaining contemporary, elegant and fashionable.   The Three Quarter Length […]

An Answered Prayer!

Jackie Gayle, one of our longest clients and models of our clergy attire shared her inspiring background of ministering for over 30 years. Working as part of the NHS Chaplaincy Team, Jackie responds to the spiritual, religious and pastoral needs of patients, visitors, and staff within hospitals. These needs could vary from leading prayers and […]

Gathered Waist Clergy Dresses

The beautiful, chic, elegant Gathered Waist Clergy dress offers comfort, and space around the waist area, whilst giving off a professional, smart and stylish image. This design is one of our most popular pieces as, ‘It is comfortable, practical and very smart’, stated by one of our clients. We at House of ilona understand that […]

It’s the Grief talking

My husband and I were just on the phone to a close friend who’s brother died last week and he’s just told us of another brother who has just passed away. The pain is too much, we prayed and continue to pray for God to give him strength and to carry him and his family […]