Full Length Clergy Dress or Robe, you choose

Is it a Dress? Is it a Robe? It’s whatever you need it to be when you put it on!   Here’s what Crystal said about it: “I’ve worn my several times, even more than my clergy robe. House of ilona is the best. There garments are worth the investment. Additionally, their customer service and […]

Renee’s Favourite 4 Clergy Garments

Today’s Core 4 comes from Renee Checkout her favourites here: The Clergy wear at House of ilona offers so much choice. The garments are elegant, modern, stylish and modest; perfect for women in ministry around the world. I like so many of the lines, but my four favourite are listed below:   1. Esther Clergy […]

Important message. Just wanted you to know.

From my desk to your ears… This week we had a really intense business meeting (the presence of God was with us, it was beautiful).  In that meeting I had to be honest about some real issues that have been facing the world and impacting our business for a while now. Have you heard about Brexit? […]

Clean & Care for House of ilona Clergy Garments

Garment Care Want to wear your House of ilona garments for a long time? Here’s how… Shop 1. Read the care label This keeps the garments looking good.  Most of our garments are machine washable.  Except the Wool Honey Peplum Jacket Skirt, these should be dry cleaned. The same with our House of ilona capes. 2. Wash […]

New & Exclusive Limited Edition Clergy Chiffon Blouse

Limited Edition Chiffon Blouse When we launched our line of Winter Capes a while ago, some ladies in warmer climates asked for a lightweight chiffon blouse… So, here it is. Our Brand New, lightweight Cam Chiffon Clergy Blouse. Perfect for summer and warmer climates. It’s loose and breathable (wear a vest underneath). Buttons down the […]

Don’t just Preach the Message BE the Message.

Dear Woman of God, We are here to support you, in your role of Kingdom Representative. When your wardrobe requirement is Modesty AND your personal standard is Elegance… We’ve got you covered (pun intended 😉). It’s an honour to serve you, Camelle & The House of ilona Team SHOP YOUR BRAND

How would you wear your Clergy Tunic?

Whether you match yours with tights or leggings, this Clergy Tunic is a ready-to-go outfit! If you’re 5ft 5″ or under this could even double up as a Knee Length dress. Great news… These buttons won’t gape due to the loose, waterfall, pleated detail in the back. What inspired this design? I was at a […]

Our First Clergy JERSEY Top

I can’t fully explain how excited I am to share this with you…. It’s one of my favorite designs. Super Comfortable, Quality Jersey Fabric with a Simple Elegant Style! You’ve been asking us for stretchy jersey garments for years and I am pleased to introduce you to the: Sarah Asymmetric Jersey Top There is a […]

New Colour for the Clergy Tee Shirt its Burgundy

The inspiration is flowing! We’re in a season of creativity so we’re going to keep the new styles coming! The Black Clergy Tee Shirt was a hit. It sold out fast and is already on backorder, (more a being made, go ahead and backorder/reserve yours now). Here’s a new colour for you. It’s a lovely […]

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