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Just a quick reminder:Did you know… Most of our styles have been customised with a 2cm buttonhole in the front and back for a full collar. (Please check product description):www.houseofilona.com  Just another feature we added due to your continual, phenomenal feedback.  It’s always an honour to serve you, Camelle & the House of ilona Team

Upcoming Events

Ministry Monday Meet-upMonday 1st November 9pm GMT / 5pm EST(Streaming on Facebook www.facebook.com/houseofilonaclergy and Zoom)  Ministry Monday ConversationsMonday 15th November 9pm GMT / 4pm EST(Streaming on Facebook www.facebook.com/houseofilonaclergy and YouTube Ordained Magazine Channel) Ministry Monday Meets PoetryMonday 6th December 9pm GMT / 4pm EST(Streaming on Facebook www.facebook.com/houseofilonaclergy and YouTube Ordained Magazine Channel) SAVE THE DATEMondays March 30th, 20229pm GMT / 4pm EST Doing things a little different in […]

Esther Blouse… for such a time as this

When I designed the Esther Blouse, I thought about the flow, elegance and strength of Queen Esther. Strong and determined, eloquent and beautiful… that’s you! We celebrate your beauty, strength and determination. Never give up! You have been called, created and birthed into this moment, yes, for such a TIME as THIS! Your words, experience, […]

Summer Rest by Doreen Douglas

When you think of rest, what comes into your mind? I image a deep soak in a hot tub, filled with my favourite scents, Moroccan rose oil, almond oils and aroma of beautiful perfumes. I also visualise running through a field of lilies with them smiling back at me as if to say, “your home […]

Self Care… Check! by Minister Albertina

It is so important for women working in ministry to have self-care at the top of their list.  Correction, women serving in ministry “Must” never neglect to take care of themselves spiritually.  We tend to pour out so much of ourself, that we forget that we are not a machine but a human being, that […]

Monday Ministry Conversations with Prophetess Olivia Pearl and Navigating the Unknown with God

Click here to video the full Monday Ministry Conversation Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHwT0RQ81eY Checkout the article from Prophetess Pearl in Ordained Magazine 6 OUT NOW: https://houseofilona.com/shop/ordained-magazine-sixth-edition Scriptures from Prophetess Olivia Pearl: I listed the scriptures for the Ladies taught unto me by the Beloved Holy Spirit in this experience. Matthew 6:33 KJV & MSGNote: Steep your lives […]

Ordained Magazine 6 is OUT NOW

The Sixth edition highlights… A Rollercoaster of an Issue. Packed Full of Stories, Testimonies and Encouragement, from Women in Ministry from all over the world on; Navigating the Unknown with God. When you buy the print version you will automatically get the digital download instantly.You can also subscribe for future Quarterly Issues of Ordained Magazine here

The Ultimate Care. Spiritual Self-Care by Natasha Gibson

“Be intentional about how you want to live and live that way EVERYDAY!” – Natasha Gibson The practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own health is the definition of self-care.  As women in ministry we find that we are great taking care of others but often times neglect preserving or improving our […]

Celebrating One Year of Print – Ordained Magazine

This November, Ordained Magazine celebrates one year in print with a mini-documentary featuring some of the writers, the team and a glimpse behind the scenes:  Ordained Magazine lifted the veil on issues regarding women in ministry covering themes such as; Ordination Advice, Love & Relationships, Teamwork and Self-Care The feedback from readers, subscribers and writers […]

Self Care Saturday – take a breath with God

Inhale… Exhale…Slow Down & Repeat This morning I have been studying the breath of God and the breath of life in Genesis.  It made me think of you and #SelfCareSaturday Take time out to BREATHE! Sometimes a Mental Health; Day, Hour, Moment is needed.  Check-in on yourself, how are YOU doing?  You’re always praying for, reaching out, […]

The Clergy Tea Dress with Bell Sleeves

I’ve been working hard to get this dress just right!! Our first batch; the sleeves weren’t quite right.Our second batch; the length wasn’t quite right…We’ve FINALLY cracked it!!The Sleeves have just the right amount of gathering for that chic bell effect and the length is now The Perfect Tea! I’m really pleased with this Clergy Bell Tea Length Dress, […]

Online Minister – You’re doing great!

Still here… Still serving You are having to pivot, adapt and change.  You’re doing great!  Stay encouraged and keep up the great work. It would be an honour to serve you,www.houseofilona.com Mini-Series onNavigating thisSeason in Ministry How have you been Navigating this season in Ministry?Can you share in a short 1-3 minute video how you have had […]

Ordained Magazine Interview with Co-Pastor Marie Reid on The Call, Youth Ministry, Balance and more

Listen as Marie shares golden nuggets on being a Co-Pastor, the call to ministry and their heart for young people. Glean from how she wrote a biblical action-adventure book, created a card game of couples, ministers in music with her husband and runs a graphic design business. This Woman of God is a true inspiration […]

Praying for our whole world

Sending much love, blessings and encouragement to you, as you stand in the gap and encourage others in these uncertain times. We are all in this together.  Concerned for loved ones while keeping our hope and faith high. All our mail carriers are still in operation, so we are still shipping clergy orders if there’s anything […]

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