WOW This is what they said🤗❤️

Testimony I have a few garments from House of ilona (tops and bottoms made from different fabrics). Never have I been disappointed. The styles and quality are amazing!!!  However, as beautiful as the garments are, and believe me, they are! The customer service supersedes…!!!Thank you, House of ilona :-) Lupina …an answer to prayer House of ilona is […]

It’s your time to Bloom! 10% Off included

It’s your time to Bloom I was thinking about spring and this new season.I felt strongly that this was a word for someone!! “It’s your time to Bloom!” Bloom = a flower, especially one cultivated for its beauty. Sounds like Esther.What has God been cultivating in you?  Bloom = a full bright sound. What does the cultivated […]

BRAND NEW Clergy Bell Tea Length Dress

BRAND NEW Clergy Bell Tea Length Clergy Dress We have combined the Clergy Bell Dress sleeves with the Clergy Tea Dress. We have produced this dress first of all, in larger sizes to get some initial feedback. Currently available in these sizes: UK 16-28 US 14-26 Have a Blessed rest of your week Woman […]

The Gathered Waist Clergy Dress is coming back

The Gathered Waist Clergy Dress This dress is suddenly at the top of many Wish Lists. So, we’ve listened and we are bringing this dress back… due to popular demand. Backorders are Now Open, for delivery in the New Year, ahead of the Easter Rush. It’s an honour to serve you everyday, Camelle

You are iconic Women in Ministry wearing Clergy Dresses

I didn’t realise how iconic you are… Last week I talked to The Business Bishop and had a Mordecai Moment.  (My favourite thing is when my faith and work meet, so this was just brilliant). We talked about the business.  I shared about the incredible Women of God around the world that I get to interact with […]

It’s not over yet

There are still 31 Days left in 2018. It’s the last month but the year isn’t over yet! Massive shifts can happen in 31 days. Is there a goal you wanted to achieve at the beginning of the year? The last 11 months may have taken you in a different direction than you had planned, but what […]