The Gathered Waist Clergy Dress is coming back

The Gathered Waist Clergy Dress This dress is suddenly at the top of many Wish Lists. So, we’ve listened and we are bringing this dress back… due to popular demand. Backorders are Now Open, for delivery in the New Year, ahead of the Easter Rush. It’s an honour to serve you everyday, Camelle

You are iconic Women in Ministry wearing Clergy Dresses

I didn’t realise how iconic you are… Last week I talked to The Business Bishop and had a Mordecai Moment.  (My favourite thing is when my faith and work meet, so this was just brilliant). We talked about the business.  I shared about the incredible Women of God around the world that I get to interact with […]

Sometimes I feel helpless… then I remember the Power of Prayer

Your Prayer can go further, quicker and deeper than you! Sometimes I feel helpless… then I remember the Power of Prayer. When my family members or friends, far away, are sick or have problems, I want to be there with them physically but that’s not always possible. What I CAN do is Pray. Recently, I’ve started to […]

Have an amazing weekend. Praying for you

God is with you! Praying God’s blessings and strength over You and Your Ministry this weekend. May God use you and speak through you like never before!! The world is desperate for the manifestation of God through His sons and daughters. Let’s continue to be the light that leads people to Christ and show other […]

The Jersey Honey Peplum Clergy Blouse is open for Backorders

The Jersey Honey Peplum Blouse is coming back… It has been highly requested so we’re bringing it back and opening up Backorders today. If you’ve been after one of these stunning, comfortable, easy-to-wear blouses we have a few coming. Claim yours now. They will be shipped out from 29th October: It would be an […]

New Month. New Beginning.

A New Season is Here!! It’s the final quarter of 2018. Are there things you wanted to accomplish this year and haven’t yet? There’s still time!! “Ready, Set, Goals” What have you not yet accomplished and what do you want to do before the end of 2018?… All while desperately wanting God’s leading and direction: […]

True Story about the Clergy Tea Dress

We ordered Knee Length Dresses from our manufacturer and instead of Knee Length, they sent Tea Length Dresses. This was a problem due to backorders etc, but this suddenly felt significant. The Knee Length Dress was The Dress that launched our Clergy Line, everyone loved it but wanted something straighter and longer. I designed the […]