A dream come true, I designed and made a dress for a Queen

I designed for one of the most beautiful Queen’s of our day. My purpose of writing this it to encourage YOU to dream your biggest dream and never give up on that dream.

One of my dreams is to design for royalty and some of the most influential women in the world.

I’m not sure exactly when this dream of mine started but it feels like something inside of me yet to be manifested but the “dream” continues to unfold and become more specific, distinct and strong. One memory a few years ago was in a church service where my Pastor was giving an example of the power a King has. He asked the congregation. If the King of a particular country walked in right now and you could ask him for anything, what would you ask for? People across the congregation stood up and asked for different things, I jumped up and said “I would like to be the personal Designer for the Queen”. Then sat down and wondered to myself, where did that come from. It was the begin of something on the inside of me bursting to come out.

Yes, there are situations that occur that cause my dream to dwindle but the slightest hope make that light inside burn brighter and hotter than ever before.

There are things I do to keep my dreams tangible and focal. Like pictures on the walls in my studio, screen savers and random reminders that pop up on my phone throughout my day to remind me of where I want to go in life (not just that day).

Here is the sequence of events:
– I had a screensaver which was a photo of a particular Queen sitting with one of the most influential women in the world, in a gorgeously decorated office and they were both wearing stunning professional clothing (similar to what I would design). I would see this picture a few times a day.
– I had a meeting with a company (not fashion related) who wanted to explore some marketing opportunities with me as they serve some of my target audience in their field.
– I got talking to the receptionist she loved my designs and wanted a dress for herself.
– I talked to her more and found out more about her, her daughter and her background.
– Her daughter was soon to be traveling to the country where the Queen on my screensaver reigns. I then spoke out my dream, well, it exploded from my mouth. I said that I would love to design for that particular Queen”

Long story short, her brother-in-law worked for the Queen and I was able to design, make and send her a House of ilona original dress. What an honor!!

Keep dreaming. Focus on your dream. What you focus on gets bigger. I daily image 7 impossible things before breakfast. The more I focus on the good, the positive, the dream, the more good things I see around me.