Do You Accept You?

Do you write the rules for your life or are you dictated to by an industry?

I just watched Live From Studio Five. Last night Simone Clark was eliminated from Britain’s Next Top Model (BNTM).

Simone’s a size 10 and was worried about being seen as a plus-size-model!

Is it possible to be happy in your own skin?

Contentment is Key!

Not; “just be content”; but the definition of contentment – being completely satisfied not needing anything more.

What do you want (notice I didn’t say need) to change about yourself? Your weight? Your Height? (Oh it’s possible, I’m 5’2” my husband is 6’. On our wedding day I had 4” heels and 4” hair LOL, I was getting in those photos!)

Be true to you.

Be satisfied with who you are.

Make a REALISTIC plan to improve yourself.

It’s like the story of the woman who wants a baby. She tries and tries to no avail. Then the couple decide to adopt and voila she’s pregnant!

Be content, be happy and watch the weight fall off, watch the age lines fade and watch life get better and better. It’s all about an attitude of gratitude.



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