Always Pressing Forward

I know it can be hard sometimes, but never give up on your dreams. Who you are and what you do is so unique. Never stop, never quit. Always keep pressing forwards. Pressing takes will and effort but you have what it takes!


In my business I do my best to focus on the positive. Now and again I checkout what others in my area of business are offering and I came across a company that are starting to offer something very similar to what I do!

Oh how easy it is to get discouraged. Thoughts like; do I take legal action? Do I need to pump the breaks? Do I just get down and discouraged!


Then, before I knew it I was back on my Facebook page looking at all the encouraging posts and my spirit lifted instantly! A precious client called just to say she loves her dress and thanked me. Over the next 2-3 hours I was overwhelmed with encouragement and prayers from around the world. What’s going on? I didn’t tell anyone what was happening. WOW!


Then I get an email, right at that moment from a precious lady that was so encouraging and it finished with “Design on Design on”. God knew how I was feeling at the time and that was exactly what I needed to hear, see and read in that moment.


After all of that I was ready to press on even harder. What I have is so unique. There are and will be lots of businesses out there similar to mine. The common denominator is me! My drive, creativity and energy is unique.


Right then I decided if people want to copy me (there are obvious legal ramifications but) they’re copying our past success, where we have been. We’ve already moved on… God is a Spirit, He’s omnipresent, always moving.


In the beginning, God’s Spirit MOVED on the face of the waters. Those that call themselves His Sons follow the leading of His Spirit. I’m one of His Sons and I follow the leading of His Spirit, always moving so I’m already 2-3 Clergy Collections ahead. Where I look like I am to others, is where I was! Already moved on.


When things come at you like they want to take you OUT… Look for that silver lining, listen for the still small voice and feel your help coming from the hills!