An Answered Prayer!

Jackie Gayle, one of our longest clients and models of our clergy attire shared her inspiring background of ministering for over 30 years.

Working as part of the NHS Chaplaincy Team, Jackie responds to the spiritual, religious and pastoral needs of patients, visitors, and staff within hospitals. These needs could vary from leading prayers and worship sessions, to performing end of life care and special blessings.

With the multi-faith Chaplaincy Team, Jackie is able to deliver a high level of care, but is also able to train volunteers and medical staff. Jackie shares the importance of spiritual care in the holistic approach to patient care with trainees and medical staff.

When asked why this role? What made you pursue this? Jackie responded:

It was an answer to prayer. When I had graduated and ordained in the same year, I asked the Lord, “What do you want me to do now? When I heard the word ‘Chaplaincy’ I had to Google it, as I really did not understand what it entailed. Following my research into the role, I had emailed several institutions where Chaplaincy was part of the service provided as a support mechanism for staff. I emailed a few of those organizations and received an offer for an informal meeting at a hospital with one of the Chaplains.  He asked me “How did I know?”  I answered, “Know what?” He said “That we were looking for someone of your faith tradition, ethnicity, gender and age?” I said, “I did not know but God did because he told me Chaplaincy and here I am?”

In the future, Jackie Gayle would like to transform lives on a greater scale, whilst remaining in awe of where God has taken her. However, she knows there’s no better place to be than in the center of His will.

We are so blessed to have Jackie as a client, a minister and a model here at House of ilona. We have been blessed by her work and willingness. We would love to hear about more of our female ministers and your work. Please let use know if you’re willing to be interviewed.

It’s always an honor to serve you!