An Attitude of Gratitude

Today a friend posted quite a personal message on Facebook. She’s in her 20’s has a 2 year old and a 2 week old baby.

She was feeling down, nothing seemed to be going right and she just wanted to catch a break.

Then, she looked over at her son playing with his dad and their baby asleep and her eyes were suddenly opened to what they do have. A home filled with love and two healthy children. She said “I reached I my sunny day through what felt like a storm”.

Do you realize you’re better off than you think? When you begin to have moments of overwhelm, stop and look around you, begin to count your blessings and it will amaze you how many you have; suddenly your problems aren’t as big.

I love the saying “what you focus on gets bigger!” Focus on solutions and the good things and they will magnify.

I used to panic every time I needed to dress up and go out, I’d stand in front of my wardrobe and declare “I have nothing in the wardrobe!!” What I meant was nothing I felt was good enough to wear to that event and I needed something new.

The very fact that I had a wardrobe, meant that I had a room and a home. Even if there were a few clothes, saying I had nothing wasn’t true. I had plenty to be grateful for, so I started to change my language.

One solution for me was to:
– give away the clothes that don’t fit any more and that didn’t suit my style.
– Arrange my clothes from casual to dressy to evening.
– Put looks together before I needed them so I have a few to choose from.

It’s all about perspective. When we change our perspective, like my friend did, we realize how much we do have and things aren’t that bad after all.

What are you grateful for that’s easily missed? Leave a comment in the box below and lets all start to focus on the right things and watch them grow!

Have a great day.



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