Back to your future

Keeping a journal
Journaling is great. However, it’s not just writing in your journal every day that’s important. As you experience each new day, you can’t just turn the pages and forget about your yesterday. Every now and then take a look back and see where you’ve come from, what you’ve been through and what you’ve experienced. The challenges and victories the disappointments and the failures. Learn from them, get stronger, remember all that you’ve been through and how awesome you are, how strong you are. Learn about yourself so that when you face similar challenges you have a reference point that makes it easier to face your new challenge.
Learn to forgive the past and forgive others for what they’ve done to you. However, don’t forget, because where you’ve been and what you’ve experienced can help somebody else. It’s key to your success tomorrow. It’s a crease in your smile, it’s a line of wisdom on your face, it’s the silver medal in your hair and it’s your Grammy for your award winning performance.
The Actor
When the actor gets into character, they become that person, they play the role, they feel the situation, the problem, the trial, they go through it and take it on completely! They go through the devastation, the pain the anguish, mentally, physically, you see it, you believe it, you are moved by it.
Then the make-up comes off, the lights go out, the cameras stop rolling and the movie is a wrap. 
People watch it in the cinema, on DVD and the actor gets the award, the trophy, the Grammy. The Grammy is a direct result of what they went through. The pain, the anguish and the story of that character.
My True Story
It’s the same in our lives. There’s a reward/trophy for all the pain. At the time, it doesn’t feel like it. A reward is the last thing on your mind, you just want out! But when you make it to the end, when the credits have rolled, and the world turns and applauds, your story has made who you are today, it was worth it, you're amazing!
Do you realise someone walks a little taller and with a little more boldness because of your movie, your story, your testimony, your experience. They’ve seen or heard about what you’ve experienced and come through and they realise they can make it! Your pain has helped someone or two, or three or four or even thousands. 
Even if they don’t know your story, they may walk past you on the street but yet there’s something about your smile, your strength, how you reacted to a situation, something about your reaction compared to everyone else’s, something about how you spoke to them, your peace, your calmness, your authority, your demeanour. Something about you that made a difference to them. More than the outside, what you were wearing, far beyond the surface but on a deeper level. 
Don’t forget to remember
As you look back in your journal and remember all that you’ve been through, it’s somehow a pattern, mirror image and reflection of your future. 
If you’re going through a hard time right now this might not be what you want to hear but you look at some of the great rags to riches stories, if you look at their past, their history, their failures, their low points, there’s often a reflection of their high points and their greatest successes and achievements.
As you turn to the fresh pages in your journal. Don’t forget those old written on pages, where the ink has completely dried. Don’t forget to read over those scribbles. Don’t forget the pages with those round stains where tears may have been coming down your face at the time. 
Sometimes it’s hard to relive the pain but the more you look back the stronger you become. The more you look back the easier it gets. The more you look back the more you can see your future shaping and perfecting itself and you look back to your future, you look back and see into your future, you see a clearer future, a better future.
You can now look back and suddenly see potential and possibilities in front of you. Now look with excitement at the new pages, the fresh pages of your journal and see the possibilities with excitement and expectation.
What will the rest of this journal look like? What are my possibilities? How do I want it to read? What do I want it to say? The possibilities are endless.



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