Let’s Be More Sandi Krakowski’s brand new book #BeMore

#BeMore: 77 Secrets To Your Best Life by Sandi Krakowski

I learnt how to build my first website using WordPress with Sandi Krakowski.  I was eager to learn and apply.  Starting your own business can be lonely and daunting but I had a personal business coach in Sandi.  Although she was talking to many she had a way of make it feel like she’s speaking directly to you and God would certainly give her on-time words that spoke directly to me!


I’ve watch Sandi grow her Facebook page from a few hundred to now 750,000.  She’s been an example of consistency.  I love that she’s a business woman who loves God and speaks about Him freely in her business.


Most business advisors only teach you how to write a business plan in order to get a business loan, Sandi taught me to grow the business organically and follow the needs of my clients.  I believe this has saved me a lot of money and unnecessary pain.


I was so excited to hear about Sandi’s new book #BeMore.  I knew she would pour so much wisdom into it and that she did.  It looks at BEING more as a whole person, including being connected with God, in tune with yourself, your relationships, your community and your world.


This beautiful hardback book is a great size to carry round and is a reference guide for wisdom, inspiration and direction. Especially in those moments you KNOW, you can #BeMore.


To get your copy of ‪#‎BEMORE‬: 77 Secrets To Your Best Life purchase now! http://www.thebemorebook.com