Brand New Full Length Clergy Dress

Black full length clergy robes for women

This is the Brand New…
Full Length Clergy Dress

Hi Camelle,

I wanted you to be the first to know about the launch of this brand new style.
It can also be worn as a Robe, Cassock or as an Alb.

At full price it will be £180 / $235

We are doing a short term introductory price of 
£165  /  $215

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The reason we’re dropping the price as we introduce this new product is because we want to use this time to celebrate with our incredible Clients.

This dress is a chapter in the journey of House of ilona.  As the Designer, working and serving alongside our clients, this has been the story so far:

  • Our very first style, the Knee Length Clergy Dress we made for a friend, the feedback was so incredible we launched it on our website and it has been purchased by many.
  • Our clients asked for a slightly longer, straight style, so we introduce the Three Quarter Length style.
  • Our clients wanted to combine the flow of the Knee Length Dress but the length of the Three Quarter Length style.  So last summer we launched the Clergy Tea Dress which our clients Loved!!  They sold out in a week.
  • Everyday we get requests for full length versions of our dresses.  So Today we Launch the Full Length Clergy Dress.
This dress is stunning!  It has a gorgeous flow to it, (especially at the back).  When deciding how long to make this dress, I decided to make it very long (it’s easier to have a long item altered).  The sleeves are long and adjustable, so they can be folded up or down to make them longer or shorter.

If you already have a Clergy Tea Dress but would like something longer, this is a great option!!

For more information and purchase, click here;

As always, it would be an honour to serve you,