Celebrating One Year of Print – Ordained Magazine

This November, Ordained Magazine celebrates one year in print with a mini-documentary featuring some of the writers, the team and a glimpse behind the scenes: 

Ordained Magazine lifted the veil on issues regarding women in ministry covering themes such as;

  • Ordination Advice,
  • Love & Relationships,
  • Teamwork and
  • Self-Care

The feedback from readers, subscribers and writers has been phenomenal:

“…every page is a Joy”

“…feels like a love letter from God, to me, to take care of myself because I matter too”

“…the most beautiful Magazine I have ever seen”

“…incredible, uplifting, encouraging”

“…because of Ordained Magazine, I am now a published writer”

The Magazine was the brainchild of Entrepreneur and Author Camelle Daley, who wanted to create a place where Women in Ministry could receive words of encouragement and advice.

Camelle Daley, Editor-in-Chief of Ordained Magazine said: “These women pour out their love, time and resources to others day in and day out, but after that, where do they go to get replenished?  I want to create safe place where they can get their needs met too.”

Jeanette McCarthy Editor, Researcher, Writer for the Magazine said: “It’s important to appreciate those who serve the church.  I love reading about the difference Ordained Magazine makes to women in ministry.  I knew right away this Magazine was something special that I wanted to be a part of.”

Ordained Magazine is a quarterly publication and is available at www.houseofilona.com

For More information contact Ordained Magazine on +44 (0)1908 760 339 or email  [email protected]

View Mini-Documentary on the Ordained Magazine YouTube Channel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0oP3qNvMJm8



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