Clean & Care for House of ilona Clergy Garments

Garment Care

Want to wear your House of ilona garments for a long time?
Here’s how…


1. Read the care label

This keeps the garments looking good.  Most of our garments are machine washable.  Except the Wool Honey Peplum Jacket Skirt, these should be dry cleaned. The same with our House of ilona capes.

2. Wash when needed

Try hanging the garments out to air.  A steamer is also useful for refreshing your clothing.  Once steamed let the garment dry out before returning it to the wardrobe.

3. Inside out

Darker fabrics can bleed in the wash and over time can fade.  Turn clothes inside out when washing and use a colour protecting detergent to keep your dark colours looking vibrant for longer.

4. Let them hang

If possible, hanging your garments to dry is preferable.  This will help prevent shrinkage, (it’s a money saver).

5. Hang on a minute

Yes, good quality hangers make a difference.  Wooden and padded hangers are best.  They will help your clothing keep their shape and looks good in your wardrobe as well.

It’s always an honour to serve you, have an amazing week!
Camelle & The House of ilona Team



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