Confidence: The highest pair of heels you can wear

There is nothing more beautiful about a woman who is sure of herself, confident in who she is and knows that she has great purpose.

The perfect outfit may be able to cover imperfect parts of the body, and make-up may be able to cover blemishes and even out a complexion. But there is nothing that can hide the deep insecurities of a woman that doesn’t recognise her worth.

Confidence does not boast of perfection, it recognises flaws, imperfection and mistakes. However it boasts of uniqueness, being comfortable with those flaws and imperfections. It turns mistakes into lessons.

Confidence is an inner peace, not wanting to be the lady on magazines or on TV because you know that you are just as beautiful and unique. Confidence isn’t just for people who have already achieved goals such as career goals, losing weight etc. it is being sure of, ‘I am a working progress, and I am on my way’. Confidence is built in this season from lessons and examples through this process.

Being confident is about being comfortable in your own skin, which sounds so cliché, but is truth. Knowing you are someone special even though you may not look like Britain’s next top model.

A woman who is truly confident commands attention, when she walks into a room people are drawn to her. Confidence makes a bold statement, as the House of Ilona clothes do:

She walks with her head high, her posture suggests that a Queen has just entered the room and causes people to wonder ‘who is she?’ Confidence makes people pay attention when you speak, as you sound sure of what you are saying.

The biggest diamond cannot shine brighter than a woman who truly knows her worth, and there’s nothing better to compliment the perfect outfit, make-up and accessories than confidence.

So before you leave your house every morning, don’t forget your confidence, because you are beautiful, you are special and there is no one that can stop you except, You!

by Angelique Tiffany Copeland



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