The Denim Jacket that made my summer

I was so fed up with the denim jackets EVERYONE was wearing.  It was the same jacket everywhere but in different shades.  I refused to buy one, simply because I like to be different

I love high collars and distinctive sleeves so I started sketching and came up with the Thai Style Denim Jacket.  I created the pattern, made it and wore it the whole summer.


It was a hit with friends, family and complete strangers.  People have been wanting this jacket for a long time so it’s finally here on sale in a range of sizes for you to enjoy. 


Dress it up, dress is down, it’s funky, yet practical.  Works with everything and is perfect for a British Summer.


Purchase you Thai Style Denim Jacket TODAY!

This product is no longer available.



3 thoughts on “The Denim Jacket that made my summer

  1. Daniel Bizuru says:

    You are amaizingly creative to come up with such beautiful merchandise. Keep it up and you will definatelly succeed.
    I wish you the best in everything you do.

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