Designer Clergy Dresses and Preaching Garbs

Female preaching dressesChantel had been ordained for a few months and was told she must purchase and wear her clerical shirt to the next communion service. This is when she turned to House of ilona for help.
Chantel wanted something designed for her that would be modest, yet elegant. I started designing and came up with the Clergy Dress!
It was knee length with three quarter length sleeves, incorporating the collar and she loved it!!
For years my business partner and I have designed and made preaching robes for men with the odd request for a woman’s preaching dress.
Since then we have developed a Clergy Collection. It’s constantly being developed with requests for navy blue, chiffon sleeves and other personal touches.
Each female preaching dress was made to order so rather than purchasing online, we liked our clients to make contact with us personally so we understand the needs of each individual. That has now changed and we sell a range of standard sizes online.
View the current collection here:



8 thoughts on “Designer Clergy Dresses and Preaching Garbs

  1. Rev. Bridget Mitchell says:

    Thank you for developing this clergy dress line. For a young woman minister, it looks fresh and young! 

  2. Michele says:

    WOW, What an idea. I have seen women clergy all over and all could use a bit of your style. Mostly I see women trying to fit wearing men's clothes. How happy they will be to discover you!

  3. Claudia Looi says:

    Camelle, this is the first time ever that I see such beautiful outfits for clergy. Reminds me of  a Malaysian designer Melinda Looi, she does the Muslim design. Beautiful!

    • Camelle Daley says:

      Thanks Claudia. I’ve had some great feedback on the collection, I’m going to continue developing it. Looks like I could be carving a niche in the Market.

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