Does he need to know what you’ve brought?

I was probably around 9 years old, out shopping all day on a Saturday with my Mum. As we approached the front door Mum suddenly swapped all the clothes shopping bags with the food shopping bags and immediately sent me to her room to hide, I mean place them in her closet (don’t stop, pass go and don’t collect 200 LOL).

My Dad was one of those men who had no idea whether what my Mum wore was new or old, his only clue was shopping bags, which he never saw.

You work hard for your money and you buy things. Does he (hubby/partner/other half) need to know what you’ve brought? 

Does he, like my Dad, have no idea when you’re wearing something new or is he way too observant, like my Husband!!

There are many things that can cause marriages/relationships to break down but two big ones are money and communication.

To preserve our relationships let’s try to be more open. 

Imagine, if you could be more open about your spending, it would make communication about money and other things a lot easier.

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