Dressing you and the bump!

You’ve had the invitation for nearly a year now and you’ve been planning in your head what you’d like to wear for your friends weddings for months!
It’s one of the biggest events of the year for you and you’ve spotted lots of potential dresses.
A lot’s happened since you saved the date ;-)
Suddenly it hits you… you’re going to be 7 months pregnant at the wedding and it will be the height of summer!! Now what are you going to wear?
A friend of mine Rebecca found herself in the same position. We had been discussing design ideas for her friend’s wedding for a while, then our plans changed when she told me her wonderful news.
We discussed what she wanted to wear, how she wanted to feel and how she wanted to look.
We came up with a wrap dress that had room to expand (depending on the size of the bump by the wedding) and the dress could also be worn after she was pregnant.
The dress was a hit; she was comfortable and looked amazing.
House of ilona designer maternity dress for Rebecca



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