Fashion at the Altar

Women bring something special to ministry; their femininity, their strength and their nurturing nature. That’s what makes their role so important.

Today more than ever women in ministry are complaining about the boxy, shapeless shirts on offer. Why should a woman’s style go from stylish and elegant, to manly and boxy, when she is dressed in her clerical attire for ministering? Her ministry is a reflection of her God individuality, clothes speak for us before we do. Clergy wear can finally say I’m a minister, a woman and yes, I’m stylish too.

It all started when a recently ordained friend of designer Camelle ilona Daley was troubled at the thought of wearing a clergy shirt and asked the designer to make her a dress instead. The dress was a hit! Camelle added the dress to her website and the range has been a success with hundreds of clients from across America, Canada, the UK and the world.

With this in mind House of ilona’s clergy wear is designed for women’s bodies and to be a reflection of the rest of their closet. The style is not about flaunting the fearfully and wonderfully made body, but it is about clothes that accommodate the female shape in cut and fit. One client said “now I can minister and feel like a woman!”

All collars are removable so dresses can quickly change from a classic black dress into clerical attire by simply popping a collar in place. It’s so clergy and at the same time it’s so you!

British Fashion Designer Camelle says: “I love to design and this is my way of giving back to the women in ministry who have affected my life so greatly.”




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