Tell the fashion industry you know what you want to wear!

Clergy Tee in Burgunday, not what the fashion industry ordered?
Who says each season­ you need to be told what colours and styles you can or cannot wear!
Has there ever been a trend you weren’t keen on? Did you stand your ground or eventually flow with the tide?
I have found success in business through LISTENING to what my clients want and giving it to them. Real listening is a skill and a powerful tool! Not listening and coming up with a design that I’ve been wanting to do for ages but giving that client step by step everything they’ve asked for.
There are times that I end up with a simple style that answers the client’s needs and they’re overwhelmed and so grateful. To someone else it could look simple but it doesn’t matter others think, it’s what the client wanted and that they’re happy.
I’ve heard mixed reviews on the then; Kate Middleton’s wedding dress, designed by Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen.  Some said that it didn’t reflect the late Alexander McQueen’s style, but hold on a minute… who was the dress for??
It’s not about what Designers and the fashion industry dictates, it’s about the wearer at the end of the day.
Styles and trends that provide new ideas is one thing, dictation is another!
When looking through magazines, looking at style icons and the runways of the world. Remember who you are and be true to your personal style. You’re unique and fantastic, remember that!
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2 thoughts on “Tell the fashion industry you know what you want to wear!

  1. Jenny IB says:

    As a plus size lady,  who likes to always look her best, and takes pride in her dress code, I have to say that I am very disappointed in the fashion industry here in the UK especially as I feel that we are poorly represented.
    Although some High Street stores and departments have slowly recognised and  have started to accommodate and extend their ranges to size 20/22 in some cases, on the whole, I find it still very difficult to find suitable clothing for different occasional wear. They either look very cheap and tacky or fail to show style, flair or personality and that concerns me greatly, because I know that in our society today there there has always been and growing niche for plus size women. Yes we do exist just as much as the size 10's & 12's…
    What do we want?? well, I don't particularly appreciate the above the knee styles that seems to be the rage right now. Not everyone is confident to show off their arms, which again seem to be the rage at the moment. Plus size clothes needn't be boring, lack luster, we too like to wear fun exciting clothes with flair and creativity… please somebody help!!!!

    • Camelle Daley says:

      Jenny, I hear you loud and clear! I have many 20/22+ client that I design for and I hear this all the time. Often there are only 1-2 retails that they actually shop at and they’re not always happy but there aren’t many other options.

      I’m considering doing a Design Focus Group for fuller figured women so we can come up with some designs and a range just for you. What do you think? Interested?

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