FREE eBook Developing Your Personal Style For Women in Ministry 2016

Have you seen our online eBook for our

beautiful House of ilona clients?

It’s titled ‘Developing Your Personal Style For Women in Ministry’, and it’s FREE!

The eBook is a word of encouragement to female ministers and Christian women in general can benefit from the messages is contains. We feel it is important to remember the reasons why you were created and that we all have a purpose. It is also important to remember the promises God has for us.

In addition to reminding you of these things, the book also gives some useful tips on how to dress.

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One of our clients read the book and said:

What an inspiration found in the new eBook! It is filled with so many nuggets of encouragement that women need to hear and reflect upon. Thank you for that blessing!“

It’s a pleasure to share some wonderful insights with you, and we really hope you enjoy the eBook. Don’t forget to let us know what you think; we love to hear your feedback, reviews and ideas.