Frequently Asked Questions

As clients, we know that there are many questions you may have, and as there are so many of you, answers can be delayed. We felt we could help you out by doing another blog about frequently asked questions.


House of ilona is based in the UK, and we have many international clients, which can make it a bit confusing when it comes to prices. We know that countries have different currencies so to be sure of what you are spending, here are a few details about it.


  • Dollar to Pound

At the moment, 1 American dollar is equal to 0.66 of a pound.


  • Euro to Pound

Currently, 1 Euro is equivalent to 0.74 of a pound.


Please keep this in mind when ordering from House of ilona, and work out the equivalent prices in the currency you use. We know it’s important to know what you are spending.


You can change the currency on the top right-hand side of the website to ‘Great British Pound’ (GB Sterling), US Dollars or Euros. Make sure you’re viewing in your currency.




How do I return or exchange and item?


When trying to do an exchange, or return, it is essential that the item is labelled correctly and the address is correct.


You can return the dress to the address below for a full refund or exchange, if you would like to try another dress.  Please add a note with your return of what you would like and your order number:


PLEASE Mark the package “Returned Goods Relief”


Camelle Daley

House of ilona

PO Box 5897

Milton Keynes

MK10 1FL

United Kingdom


(Please note, if you are returning your item internationally you must write on the package “Returned Goods Relief” if this is not included you will unfortunately be charged customs fees for the return).


Thank you so much and it’s an honour to serve you!