Gathered Waist Clergy Dresses

The beautiful, chic, elegant Gathered Waist Clergy dress offers comfort, and space around the waist area, whilst giving off a professional, smart and stylish image.

This design is one of our most popular pieces as, ‘It is comfortable, practical and very smart’, stated by one of our clients.

We at House of ilona understand that when in ministry focus is essential and being uncomfortable can lead to distraction; but not in this dress!

The Gathered Waist Clergy dress also offers convenience as one of our clients said ‘It’s all in one and there is no fuss with trying to match a skirt or blouse.  It’s very easy to wear. ‘

As with all our pieces we aim to give you something to represent the modest woman of God but a trendy, current version.

The Gathered Waist Dress comes in black and navy blue in sizes;

UK 4-30 / US 2-28

Shipping to the UK 1-2 days

Shipping Worldwide 10-14 days

As always, it’s an honor to serve you!