Get the Perfect Clergy Dress Fit

Save time and check the size guide

Getting your size right will save you a great deal of time and expenses.

The fabrics we use are not stretchy but there is some give in the fabric and linings.

In order for you to get the style(s) you like in the best fit PLEASE check our size guide;

We want you to have the best experience with House of ilona as possible, which includes getting your goods to you speedily.

It is really worth the extra time to check your actual measurements against the size guide to get your “House of ilona size” right.

If you need further guidance send us your measurements along with the style(s) you’re interested in and we’ll help to advise you: [email protected]

Here is the size guide that we use at House of ilona, which is always available on the website (it now includes the new Peplum Dress):

Size Guide Feb 2016




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