Getting YOUR Style right

I recently had my Style Analysis done by Jo Shactlock of Style Advice and it was absolutely fantastic.

What I wanted from the session was a better understanding of what works for my body shape and more importantly, why?

I’m sure you’re the same, over the years I’ve found that there are some styles that look great on me, others look ok and some not so good.

You can wear one outfit and get so many compliments and you can’t figure out exactly why. What is it about “that” outfit that looks so good on you?

One of the first things Jo did is draw an outline for me against some paper on the wall and we looked at the lengths of different parts of my body; from neck to shoulder to waist to hips to knee and to the floor. (It turns out I have long legs contrary to the belief of my Husband, I’m only 5.2” and I’ve been telling him for years I have long legs now it’s been backed up by a professional J). 

So, I have long legs and a short body. Right away Jo was able to give me tips on how to lengthen my body and not make my legs look so long but bring balance.

The “biggest” lesson of the day for me was the fact that I dressed incorrectly by wearing tops that made me look wide and shapeless, taking attention away from my waist and legs. 

So another tip was to bring things in at my waist.

My mind was flooded with design ideas for myself.

My wardrobe personality is dramatic (this is reflected in how I design in House of ilona).  A dramatic style is confident, comfortable and head turning. Bold, edgy with a ‘high fashion’ look. Strong colours in striking combinations with bold, abstract patterns.

I now understand my body better and how to design and shop for myself.

Ladies who have had their style done:
  • know what works and doesn’t work for them
  • love shopping because they go to the section of the shop that has their colour, check that the style is right and they buy! They know they’re going to wear what they’ve brought because it’s right for them
  • designing for them is easy because they have a clear brief and come away with an outfit (or even a collection) that fits them perfectly in size, style and colour
Having your Style done could potentially be life changing… Think about it, if you’re wearing clothes that fit right and look right, you’re going to feel phenomenal!

You’ll be getting compliments and you’ll be more confident. This can have a good impact on your relations with your partner, boss, co-workers, staff, family, friends and even strangers who met you because you look great, feel great and ooze confidence.

I highly recommend working with a Stylist like Jo Shactlock. If you’re someone who has a wardrobe but you’re not totally happy with it but you’re not sure why, this could be what’s missing. We would love to work with you.

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  1. Yuka says:

    Ooh, I rlelay wanted that book! I saw it in my bookstore but didn’t have the money at the time to buy it. I flipped through a couple pages, and I so agree with you. It looks amazing!

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