At House of ilona we believe in giving back physically and financially. We support various organisations for various reasons as listed below:


Feeding orphans

The main Charity is the Kings Ransom Foundation. 100% of the donations go to feeding orphans around the world, helping women and girls get out of the sex trade and giving to widows (as the Bible tells us to do). One of our goals this year was to feed 2012 orphans in 2012; this goals has been exceeded and it’s a great feeling but there’s more work to do.


Basics for homeless women

This Christmas we are working with Strut to Success who are providing 100 wash bags to homeless women this Christmas. Proper wash bags with quality product inside that these women were probably used to and we buy without a second thought. Imagine being a homeless woman this Christmas. What BASICS would you NEED and not be able to afford. Let’s help another woman this Christmas.


Ministry Support

As you can see we have a Clergy Range so another organisation we support is the Young Clergy Women’s Project. A network of the youngest ordained clergy women (under 40). They nurture and support those that are discerning a call into the ministry. I read that over the next 5 years there’s going to be a huge demand for people who give hope. Investment made into these women could save someone’s life and hope in the future.




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