Help!! I’m new to Ministry

Do you remember your Ordination?

There’s a new Minister, yet to be ordained, that needs your help, your wisdom, experience and kind words.

I would LOVE to compile an ebook for new Women in Ministry.  Would you like to be part of this project?

What do you wish someone told you?
What wisdom and experience do you have to share?

Here at House of ilona we come into contact with so many new ordinands looking for a dress or blouse to wear for their ordination.  Creating this ebook together would be such a beautiful gift and an invaluable resource.

If you would like to be part of this project please respond below with:

  1. My advice…
  2. My experience…
  3. Top Tips…
  4. “I give permission for this to be published”
  5. Your website and/or social media handles (names/links)

It can be as long or short as you like.  Please reply by 7th September to be included in this edition.

We are blessed to be a blessing :-)

It’s an honour to serve you and those new to Ministry,



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