High Street Shop verses Bespoke Dresses

Bespoke Dress for singer by House of ilona Camelle Daley Sandra McCalla What Black Women WantShop brought verses a custom made-dress, what’s the difference?
If you’re someone that likes to make an impact. If you’re someone that wants to walk into that wedding or that event and know, without a shadow of a doubt, that no one in that room is going to have on the same outfit as you. Your only guarantee is a custom-made dress.
I recently put this question of to some friends and had some interesting feedback. Some have always wanted something custom-made for them. Others highly recommend having certain dresses custom-made. One of my friends said he had a £600 suit custom made for him then brought one for a fraction of the price on the High Street that fit even better.
It’s about individual style and preference.
With a custom-made dress, you commission a designer to couture (which is to design, make and sell) you a dress that has been tailor made for you. 
At House of ilona we would come to you or you could come to us for an initial consultation. With the help of technology, this consultation could be done online through Skype from anywhere around the world. 
We would look at various style and things you like. Look at your personal style, particular dresses, outfits and shapes you do and don’t like. We would also look at colours.
Recently a client commissioned House of ilona to design a bespoke dress for her 25th wedding anniversary. As this is a silver anniversary, she had a silver dress in mind but decided to tone it down to a black dress with silver trimmings. When I met with her I asked her about the colour choice and asked why she was going for black and if there was any other colour she would like? (It’s a major event and I wanted her to be sure about the colour and not look back and wish she had been more adventurous). She then said, she had always wanted a red dress but never been daring enough. I suggested this was the occasion and she should go for it and she was over the moon. (I think she just needed a little encouragement).
This is an example of how House of ilona work to get the best bespoke dress, custom-made dress, suit and or coat for you. It may not be what people are expecting, we may dig up a hidden gem and part of your character that’s not been explored before!!
A custom-made dress should stand out! It should be different from what’s mass produced on the high street and it should make an impact.

The first noticeable thing is that a bespoke dress fits you perfectly!! It should hold you in where needed and let you flow.

A custom-made dress is an investment, a stand out piece at the event and in your wardrobe!

Yet it fits your personal style.
Bespoke Dresses by House of ilona

Most people buy from the High Street. They’re able to find what they’re looking for and they’re happy with the fit. However, there are times when you’re looking for an extra special outfit for your wedding, a friend or family member’s wedding, an event, a party, a ball, a charity event or speaking event and you don’t want to turn up in the same outfit as someone else. May-be you can’t find an outfit, dress or gown that fits just right. 

Are you constantly having things taken in, let out slightly, hemmed down, hemmed up to get it just right? Having a tailor-made dress means it’s going to fit your body size perfectly.
One of my favourite parts of a consultation is when I’ve taken my client’s measurements then I ask their ACTUAL dress size and I ask them to tell me not just in 8, 10, 12 etc but they maybe an 11 or 15 and their top may be different from their bottom half. Their face lights up, it gets them every time and it makes me laugh. Their mind is spinning and suddenly they say… “actually I’m a 15 top and a 14 on the bottom”. Tell that to a High Street shop owner and they will look at you like you’re crazy!
Sometimes the shop sizes don’t come up how we want them and you could just do with it being a little small or bigger. However, if you go up to the next size it would be way to big or the smaller size just a bit too small. (You may even wonder it they would sell you the 16 jacket and the 14 skirt, most of the time, no chance!). 
So, there are times, those special occasions when it’s worthwhile commissioning that bespoke dress, gown, suit or coat to be tailor-made for you and it’s an investment. If you get the style right, it will be a staple piece in your wardrobe.
In conclusion, High Street verses Bespoke Dresses. High street is great if you can find what you’re looking for. If you can’t and you want to be guaranteed that you won’t turn up in the same thing as someone else and you want to make your own statement, the bespoke is the way to go.
A House of ilona we are currently accepting commission for bespoke gowns, dresses, suits and coats. We can do this from wherever you are in the world online or face to face.
House of ilona will work with you closely throughout the whole process.  Depending on our workload it can take anything between 4-6 weeks or if you need your commission sooner it is possible to do this within a few days and this can be discussed.
If you are looking for a bespoke dress, choose House of ilona. Get in contact today. It would be an honour to serve you.