I am your Armour-bearer

What you wear for ministry is so important and significant.


There are things you’ve done in life, studied, positions you’ve held that seemly make no sense and don’t “seem” to fit into the overall picture of your life.  But if you love God and you’re called according to His purpose that means He makes ALL things work together for your good.


In my teens and early twenties I was an Armor-bearer for a Prophet in our Church.  I spent so much time with her praying, fasting, studying the word and assisting her in ministry.  I really enjoyed this season of my life.  Even professionally I was always drawn to PA roles and loved to assist the leader (never wanted to be the leader), I just loved to help.


Now I find myself with this community of women in Ministry and it just hit me. I’m assisting you all in ministry, carrying in my spirit designs for you to minister in.


I always felt odd saying that I’m not a Minister (I won’t even try on the clerical attire I design with the collar inserted because I respect the office so much).  Most people assume I’m a Minister but I must say, I feel such great purpose doing what I do and assisting you in this way, as your Armour-bearer for your ministry attire.


Look how it all worked together so beautifully! Thank you Lord.