Important message. Just wanted you to know.

From my desk to your ears…

This week we had a really intense business meeting (the presence of God was with us, it was beautiful).  In that meeting I had to be honest about some real issues that have been facing the world and impacting our business for a while now.

Have you heard about Brexit? The value of our pound dropped dramatically over the last year. This has affected all of our international buying and selling.

After the news of Brexit lots of businesses here in the U.K. closed immediately, most business reacted by increasing prices. I, on the other hand, believed it would pass and tried to ride out the storm by absorbing these additional costs. This worked for a while… the pound is gaining some strength but is nothing like it was before June last year.

Most companies wouldn’t send a warning but I choose to be transparent and give you the heads up that on Monday 2nd October 2017 we will be increasing our prices.

To serve ministries I’ve always tried to keep our prices down, (although I’ve been told time and time again my prices should be at least double for the quality, design and service we offer).

So this week’s business meeting  was crunch time!
1. Increase prices and be around for a long time to continue serving the Men and Women of God
2. Keep going as we are and ignore the hemorrhaging.

So we’ve gone with option 1 but not until Monday 2nd October.

If there’s something you’ve been meaning to get for a while this would be a great time to do it.

(Unfortunately we won’t be able to take back orders at current prices).

You can purchase what’s available in store now in our:
– Women’s Store
– Men’s Store &
– Outlet

It’s an honour to serve you,



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