Inner World

If all that’s inside of you, your inner person was visible, people would see you as one of the wealthiest people they know!


People see the outward and sum up whether you’re rich, poor or middle class. God looks inward at your heart.


The reason we’d looks so wealthy if our inner person was visible is because of all the amazing work that goes on inside of us on a daily basis in our walk with God:

– time in prayer and meditation – inwardly makes you a clearer and richer person

– fighting off negative thoughts in your mind and counteracting it with positive thoughts based on the word of God – makes you inwardly fit, strong and focused

– fasting from food and taking time to focus your mind on an area of your life, person or situation – makes you a wise, prudent person, not easily tempted

– praise and worship to God – inwardly makes you a grateful person dependent on the Almighty God.


Now do you see the richness of your inner life.


Continue to build your inner person and over time it will manifest in your visible life.