Interview with Dr Michele Bazin, New Jersey

Dr Michele, you’ve been a Pastor for 11 years, how has it been?

The journey of 11 years Pastoring has been a wonderful experience even during the most difficult of days. It is not always easy or always pleasant doing what God has called you to do especially in a male dominated arena.


How have you made it through some of the challenges, highs and lows?  

I can truly say that we (ladies) can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.  What we need is more sisters willing to share the struggle, mentor those in need of practical experience and come up along side others in need of prayer and direction.  Sharing the good….the bad…the pretty ..and yes the ugly.



What practical steps do you suggest to others feelings called in this area?

It is important as women that we are prepared educationally and accredited seminary if possible and certificate or Bible school the very least.

It’s important to partner with a seasoned saint that will hold you accountable and offer constructive dialogue along the way.
It is important not to become discouraged but stay the course. Stay put, don’t leave but be like our brother Jacob.  “I won’t let go till you bless me.”


What advise would you give to other women facing challenges in their ministry role as a woman?

The challenges of women in the ministry are too numerous to list.  BUT it is enough to say that we have come a long way but we still have mountains to climb. Yet it is important to note that the race is not always given to the swift but to them that endures to the end.

Be encouraged and know that if God be for us who can be against us.

Be Blessed.