Introducing Men’s Clergy Robes

Men have been asking us to design them something for YEARS (at one point it was almost a message a day!)  I really felt that I needed to focus on the Women’s Line as there was such a big, untapped demand. Finally, I’m dipping my toe into the ocean that is Men’s Robes.

When I used to sew, my main Clients were Men Pastors and Bishops who needed Robes.  We are now able to offer a simple, black, modern take on a classic robe.  Beautifully made in excellent quality fabric (we know because the ladies signed off on it ;-).  This Robe just works.  From weddings, to funerals through to Sunday Morning,your congregation will love it!

Father David said
“this is my Favourite Robe, it fits perfectly!”  

Hassle free returns, it’s worth a try and we would love your feedback.

So, if you know any men in need of a robe; whether it’s your Husband, Father, Pastor and or a friend in the Ministry, let him know!  He will be one of the first to own one.

It’s an honour to serve the Men of God too,

Camelle & the House of ilona Team

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