It’s Fashion Week Around the World

How About Clergy Fashion Week!

There are Fashion Weeks happening around the World.  It’s so inspiring to see Fashion Designers launching Collections they’ve been working on for months.  They launch their collections for the world to see.  Their collections will be loved or highly critiqued, but they launch them anyway.

My dream is to one day be part of a Christian Fashion Week.  Where Christian Designers can join together and bless the Kingdom of God with our gifts.

Is there something in you that needs to come out?  A message, a book, a song, a ministry, a business…  It can be scary, because when you launch there will be opinions from “I love it, THANK YOU!” and the not so positive opinions (believe me I know!)

But you still need to do what is in your heart to do.  Like a Fashion Designer, you need your quiet, private time to research and do the work but you also need your Fashion Week, that time to launch.  Why?

1) It could change/save someone’s life, someone is waiting for your message.

2) Sometimes you can’t move on until you have released what is inside of you.  You can’t do the next thing till you’ve done the first thing.

3) It’s better out than in, it will have way more impact.

Have a purpose filled week!

It’s always an honour to serve you,