It’s the Grief talking

My husband and I were just on the phone to a close friend who’s brother died last week and he’s just told us of another brother who has just passed away. The pain is too much, we prayed and continue to pray for God to give him strength and to carry him and his family through this incredibly painful time.

Tonight I’m reading Numbers 20 and right there in verse 1 Miriam has died.  (How timely is this scripture!)  Moses and Aaron’s only sister.  After the phone call we just had I am feeling Moses and Aaron’s pain!

For Moses this is the big sister that saved his young life; by following him down river, through the bushes and dared to approach the Pharaoh’s daughter to suggest a nurse for the baby (her own Mom).  I’m sure they would have remembered the songs she sung, especially after victoriously crossing the parted red sea.  A woman of faith and praise.  These 3 syblings must have shared a close bond.

These 2 brother’s must be grieving but it’s not even mentioned because straight after she is buried there’s no water for the congregation and they gather themselves together AGAINST Moses and Aaron.  I mean really!

The congregation are chiding with them, wishing they had died in Egypt.

In verse 6 Moses and Aaron get away from the assembly, into the Tabernacle, shut the door and fall on their faces.  It doesn’t say they sort God for an answer, it doesn’t say they prayed, it says they fell on their faces.  Remember they’re grieving.  Are they completely exasperated? God in His grace appears and gives them instructions to take the rod, SPEAK to the rock and water will come out of the rock.  Except when Moses is back in front of this ungrateful congregation his words aren’t so soft to them (something along the lines of you bunch of rebels) and rather then speak to the rock as instructed he lifts up the rod and smites the rock twice.  That action costed him!  But I feel his grief and frustration.

When my Dad passed away the days following there were words spoke to me that could have broken my spirit but when the person was done, I said to myself “that’s the grief talking” and left it right there.

Grief manifests in so many different ways.  It could be the death of a loved one or the loss of a friendship or closing of a season in your life.  Just be aware in yourself and others when it’s the grief talking.

Have you ever experienced out of character words or actions of someone grieving?  Please share in the comments below.