I’ve been Praying for you

I’ve been feeling stuck for a while, not knowing what to do next or even what to email you.  I was just in need of inspiration and motivation.  Have you ever been there?

So I started to Pray for you and it came like a flood…

I Pray Virtue is restored to you
I Pray Energy is restored to you
I Pray Purpose is restored in you
I Pray Courage is restored to you
I Pray Enthusiasm is restored to you
I Pray Joy & Strength is restored to you and
I Pray Love & Faithfulness is renewed in you.

…As I prayed for you, I was restored.

As you pour into others, your cup is filled!! 

Today, grab your phone and text or DM someone. Let them know how much they mean to you, how powerful they are, how much potential they have and how much the world needs their unique gift and purpose. I just did.

Let us share God’s Love, Power and Purpose in a meaningful way with someone today and everyday.

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