Leaving Comfort Zones and Shining Bright

White clergy robes for women

I intentionally stepped out of my comfort zone this weekend.

Zone = an area having a particular characteristic, purpose or use.  Subject to restrictions.

“Comfort Zone” is my safe place, I can do me and not be challenged, it’s safe and just, nice.  It is also, by definition, restrictive!

I got up, in front of a crowd that I didn’t want to be in front of but I CHOSE not to be intimidated and fearful.

These days intimidation, fear and anxiety are the norm and even expected.  BUT the Bible specifically said to “be anxious for NOTHING” it’s really clear (Philippians 4:6).

I found a new way to deal with these situations… and it’s working.  Before I enter a potentially scary, fretful situation, I say a prayer and I tell myself out loud “I Am not afraid, I Can do this, God is with me, I Am good at this and I Am going to enjoy myself!”  Then, do you know what happens?  The fear is gone, I do it, God is with me and I enjoy myself!

Where’s your Comfort Zone?
Are you being called from the shore into the deep?  What can you say to encourage yourself?

Let’s share thoughts and comments with the community below.

It’s an honour to serve you, always!