Looks good on her… but will it look good on me?

Not necessarily!
How many times have you seen something on someone that looks amazing and you wanted to run out and get yourself one? Before you make a dash to the shops consider why it looked so good on them and if it will look as good on you.
Could it be that the colour suited their skin tone? Or that the style was the perfect proportion for their body shape?
I’m totally guilty of this…
I saw one of my fashion icons in a beautiful jacket that had wide lapels and it looked amazing on her. I love big lapels and designed something similar for myself… but it didn’t look good! 
On reflection, the lady wearing the wide lapelled jacket had a small neat frame and the lapels added to her frame and was right. I have a fuller frame with broad shoulders and the wide lapels made me look larger. 
So, I’ve learnt my lesson. Just because it looks good on someone else may not look good on me.
Before you say, “that looks great? Where did you get it? I need one NOW!” 
Instead ask, “what is it about it that, that I like so much? Will it suit me? Are there elements of it that will suit me?” Make a conscious, calculated decision and let your hard-earned money be spent on clothes that you will wear and enjoy.



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