Lord you are Good!

When you praise and worship God do you sometimes find your vocabulary lacking? There are songs that talk about not having the words to explain how you feel about God.

In a survey there are various values given to your opinion, such as:

  • Poor
  • Fair
  • Good
  • Very Good
  • Excellent

These days “Good” doesn’t seem good enough.

But… Let’s learn a lesson from the Creator of Heaven and Earth. After each day of creation, God didn’t say this is fantastic, superb, awesome, stupendous… God saw His work and said… “it is good!”

Let’s place weight and value on the word “Good”. Let’s use it more in our praise. If God uses it on Himself let’s follow His example!

Lord you are Good!

Sometimes it’s the simple things that are just, right.

As always, it would be an honour to serve you,