Lost For Words

I grew up in Church.  I’ve been an armour bearer and have always been around Church, Ministry and Ministers.  I’ve always loved fashion so it’s wonderful how God – in His incredible way – has married the two.


Well, this Sunday, I didn’t know we were having a guest Minister at our Church.  This was a lady Minister AND she was wearing the House of ilona Esther Blouse!!  I’ve shipped thousands of our dresses and blouses all over the world, seen pictures and even videos of ladies ministering in them; but never been present under the ministry, of a Woman of God, wearing one of my designs.


I can’t exactly put into words how I was feeling.  It was a mixture of; humbled, overwhelmed, excited, inspired, honoured and very blessed.


After the service we connected, talked about some of the new designs I’m working on; we touched and agreed, she prayed for me and left.  That was an experience I will never forget.


Thank you to every Woman of God that I have grown-up watching, listening to and learning from.

Thank you to all the Women that wear my designs so elegantly.

Thank you for every blessing, kind word, criticism and idea.

Because of you all, I continue to design and become all that God had in mind when He created me.


Your Sister and Designer in Christ,

Camelle ilona Daley