God is on the other side of THAT decision waiting for you…

I was so touched by this post on our Facebook page today!

I used to say “God is trying to get me to…” or “God is trying to tell me xyz..” It’s a funny statement, (God must have been laughing at me).  God didn’t ‘try’ to create the world, He just spoke and it was done.  Yet little me thinks the almighty God has to use great effort to speak to  me!

No, all along it was me trying to obey, it was me trying to listen.  God was just giving me grace and time but the only effort was coming from me.

God is so patient! So patient with us.  Just like Pastor Corazon in the post above. On the other side of our commitment, on the other side of our decision is… God.  When we stop struggling to be, to do, to speak.  He’s right there waiting with everything we needed in the first place.

Think of that child that wants that toy.  The parents have already bought it for them and it’s waiting at home but all day long they’re struggling to listen and obey and behave themselves.  Finally they knuckle down and listen, the end of the day runs smooth and they walk into the house and the other side of their obedience was the very thing they wanted.

Let’s continue to trust God in ALL we do.  Remember, it’s not Him trying, it’s us.  Just surrender.






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