Matter reacted to its creator’s voice

When God SAID “Let there be…”  and there was, matter reacted to its creator’s voice.


You are made in the Creator’s image and likeness, matter reacts to your words too!


What are you SAYING?  What life are you creating with the powerful words you’re speak everyday??  Think about it.


Driving home from school, my 5 year old was having trouble opening something and said in frustration “I can’t do nothing!”  I then began to explain to talk to my 5 year old daughter the power of the tongue.  I explained;

  • You can’t say two things at once, you can only say one thing at at time.
  • The Bible says we can speak life or we can speak death but God says we should choose life.  But the choice is yours.
  • When you speak; Angels fly around making the things happen that you say.  When you speak life, they’re busy making good things happen for you.  When you speak death they can’t do any of those good things for you!
  • So, you have a choice, you can speak death and say “I can’t do nothing” and let your powerful angels just sit there or you can speak life…

She interrupted my lesson, smiled and said “I can do all things through Christ!”  Love that little girl, SHE GOT IT!

I say to you today.  Speak LIFE and matter will respond to the you like it did the Creator!