Online Minister – You’re doing great!

Still here… Still serving
You are having to pivot, adapt and change.  You’re doing great!  Stay encouraged and keep up the great work.

It would be an honour to serve you,
Mini-Series on
Navigating this
Season in Ministry
How have you been Navigating this season in Ministry?
Can you share in a short 1-3 minute video how you have had to pivot in Ministry and do things differently:
 What have you learnt?
 What’s worked well?
 What hasn’t worked?
 What changes will you keep after lockdown?

Email me your videos and photos throughout the month of May to be part of the mini-series.
It’s SUCH an honour to serve YOU
Woman of God!
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Online Business
We have been doing business online for over 10 years, so if there’s anything I can share to help you Navigate this New Season let me know. 

My New Book “Finding Divine Flow” is all about navigating the online business world with God’s guidance. It’s available on our website and Amazon.

Here to help and encourage you!

It’s an honour to serve you,



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