Outfit Dejavu

“I remember that dress from last time!”

There’s nothing like making an impact when you wear an outfit for the first time; but can you make the same impact twice?

Every year we go to an annual conference in the States, the evening before the main event there’s a banquet.

One year I wore a floor length, wine red satin dress with a pale pink, full length, lightweight jacket, trimmed with wine red satin. 

What an impact! I was complimented the whole night and it felt great!

The following year the banquet rolled round and I was working up a design. Hubby Peter came up with the suggestion; “why don’t you wear what you wore last year???”

I had a few questions:
  • Are you crazy?
  • Everyone will remember?
  • People will think I haven’t got any clothes.
  • I can’t make the same impact to the same crowd twice!
         (Ok, I could have exaggerated).

To this day he still can’t see what the problem is LOL.

Has this happened to you?

It makes me wonder who we dress for? Ourselves or others?

How we are viewed by others affects some of us. The important thing is to be aware of your thoughts and not to let what others think dictate your actions.



2 thoughts on “Outfit Dejavu

  1. Genevieve Sylva says:

    Camelle, the designs are absolutely amazing, so unique and exquisite.  Well done I will be buying some for sure.  My 8 year old daughter wants to wear your designs too.
    Luv Gen

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