Should clergy attire be trendy?

I have grown up around and been inspired by so many women in ministry. These women are strong, confident, they know who they are and they know who their God is. They trust God with every area of their lives yet they’re not weak, some how, they’re stronger then most. In the midst of intense, […]

Spring / Summer 2013 Collection

Buckinghamshire based luxury fashion label House of ilona launches Spring/Summer 2013. Immediately causing an international buzz with buyers. The Collection is Vogue with a hint of Vintage. The styles include waterfall suits, ripple draped dresses with cowl neck lines, nice waists, one shoulder details and leather touches. The collection colours are a mixture of blues […]

Behind the scenes at Spring/Summer 2013 Photo Shoot

We had a brilliant photo shoot yesterday for our Spring/Summer 2013 range of dresses and suits. The Collection has been described as Vogue with a hint of vintage. This is our first time working with our brilliant photographer and amazing models. Everyone did an outstanding job. We have already had requests for the dresses and […]

Dress on Purpose

Stepping out of the car in black point heels and a rich, purple one sleeve dress with a big embellishment on one shoulder and hair slicked back with pearls. This dress was literally made for this event. I stepped out on purpose, made some great contacts, had a superb Fashion Show and the night went […]

Make Someone’s Dreams Come True!

Please join me in welcoming Karen Jonga, one of our Designers. Her dream is to become a world renowned Fashion Designer.    We’re excited to have her on board we are going to give her experience and she will give us her creativity and expertise.   When someone shares their dream with you think of ways […]

Designer Jubilee Dress

2012 Marks 60 years of The Queen’s reign.  There will be an extended weekend on 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th June the celebrate the Diamond Jubilee.  The Union Jack will be flying high and has been incorporated in marketing and advertising across the country from Harrods branded Union Jack to Tatler’s June issue.   Then […]

The Summer to Colour Block

A big trend to look out for this summer and to even try yourself is Colour Blocking!   While there may-be snow on the ground today, we have summer and some great colours to look forward to.   To colour block you can wear one bright colour or a few. A great idea is to […]

Looks good on her… but will it look good on me?

Not necessarily!   How many times have you seen something on someone that looks amazing and you wanted to run out and get yourself one? Before you make a dash to the shops consider why it looked so good on them and if it will look as good on you.   Could it be that the […]

Getting YOUR Style right

I recently had my Style Analysis done by Jo Shactlock of Style Advice and it was absolutely fantastic. What I wanted from the session was a better understanding of what works for my body shape and more importantly, why? I’m sure you’re the same, over the years I’ve found that there are some styles that […]

Becoming a Fashion Designer

Discover How You Can Achieve Your Ultimate Dream of Becoming a Professional Fashion Designer !! ·         Discover How to Draw Your Designs like a Pro!! ·         Get the Dream Job You've Always Wanted ·         Get Paid for What You Love Doing! ·         Start Your Very Own Fashion Line with Your Own Name!!  ·         Hot Tips […]

2011/2012 trends & how to wear them

For this blog I would like to introduce you to Jessica from Indelible Style.  She is a Stylist who has become a great friend and she's writing for us this month on 2011/2012 trends and how to wear them.  Enjoy the article and comment below. Your friend, Camelle   With the long gone passing of […]

Style Advice meets Bespoke Fashion Design

        Recently Liz said: “I love shopping and now really enjoy the sales too. I used to dread them! Now, I go in, head straight to something that’s in my colour, check the style and I know immediately if it’s something that will work for me or not. It’s great!”     Liz has worked […]

Tell the fashion industry you know what you want to wear!

Clergy Tee in Burgunday, not what the fashion industry ordered?

Who says each season­ you need to be told what colours and styles you can or cannot wear! Has there ever been a trend you weren’t keen on? Did you stand your ground or eventually flow with the tide? I have found success in business through LISTENING to what my clients want and giving it to […]

Dressing you and the bump!

You’ve had the invitation for nearly a year now and you’ve been planning in your head what you’d like to wear for your friends weddings for months!   It’s one of the biggest events of the year for you and you’ve spotted lots of potential dresses.   A lot’s happened since you saved the date […]

Designer Clergy Dresses and Preaching Garbs

Chantel had been ordained for a few months and was told she must purchase and wear her clerical shirt to the next communion service. This is when she turned to House of ilona for help. Chantel wanted something designed for her that would be modest, yet elegant. I started designing and came up with the Clergy Dress! […]

Does he need to know what you’ve brought?

I was probably around 9 years old, out shopping all day on a Saturday with my Mum. As we approached the front door Mum suddenly swapped all the clothes shopping bags with the food shopping bags and immediately sent me to her room to hide, I mean place them in her closet (don’t stop, pass go […]