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When would you wear a White Clergy Dress? 

We asked our Facebook Page this question today and some of the feedback was: A Communion Service Women’s Day or a Special Women Service First Sunday Baptism Funeral Wedding any other occasions? Leave your comments below… As always, it would be an honour to serve you, Camelle

Jesus loves me this I KNOW

Imagine a husband, totally in love, staring deep into his wife’s eyes and singing to her, serenading her.  Whether before an audience of many or none, it doesn’t matter, he’s captivated! The Bible says God “rejoices over us with singing” Zep 3:17. God is always singing, rejoicing over and loving on us. Cast off that unworthy, […]

Red Esther Clergy Blouse and Navy Clergy Tea Dress

We have JUST received delivery for the Esther Clergy Blouse in Red and the Clergy Tea Dress in Navy Blue. Our Clients who already have these styles were excited about us receiving them in other colours, so we wanted you to know. They’re available in UK 4-30 / US 2-28 As always, it would be an honour to serve you. Have […]

Sustain an Atmosphere of Expectation

You have to keep pressing to sustain an atmosphere of expectation! When you want something and believe, pray, hope, think, expect… It will surely come. Expectation Creates Results – a quote from the late Bishop Normal L Wagner. Are you still expecting and hoping with high energy or did your candle of faith dwindle? Just like […]

FREE eBook Developing Your Personal Style For Women in Ministry 2016

Have you seen our online eBook for our beautiful House of ilona clients? It’s titled ‘Developing Your Personal Style For Women in Ministry’, and it’s FREE! The eBook is a word of encouragement to female ministers and Christian women in general can benefit from the messages is contains. We feel it is important to remember […]

It’s Fashion Week Around the World

How About Clergy Fashion Week! There are Fashion Weeks happening around the World.  It’s so inspiring to see Fashion Designers launching Collections they’ve been working on for months.  They launch their collections for the world to see.  Their collections will be loved or highly critiqued, but they launch them anyway. My dream is to one day be part of […]