What would Queen Esther wear… to minister?

Queen Esther in the bible was:

– very beautiful

– chosen out of many others

– found favour with the King and head of the eunochs

– had a heart for God’s people

– risked her life for purpose

What blows my mind about woman after woman in the ministry that I meet is their heart for God and people.

Julia is a beautiful client. She’s had 3 children and wanted a clergy shirt that was elegant, flattering and not fitted around the tummy.

Thus the Esther Clergy Blouse was designed. The addition of the chiffon made this design a feminine touch.

If Queen Esther were alive today and in ministry, I could see her wearing a blouse like this. It carries a regal elegance!

A hidden detail in the design of this blouse is the hidden side zip, making the fit extra flattering.

The Esther Clergy Blouses comes in  Black and Navy in sizes US 4-28 /UK 6-30.  more colours coming soon.



This is my way if serving you!

Camelle ilona Daley

Helping you look good on the outside is my business. Helping you feel it on the inside is my heart!



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