Be Ready to Press Play

5+ years ago I remember praying so hard for the money and resources I needed to really build this business. I had so many ideas and was desperate for God’s help to make this a reality.

Then I heard in my spirit “…be ready to press play!” I knew exactly what this meant.

I was praying… but if God dropped everything I was asking for into my lap; I would not have been ready for it. Instead, I would have been running around, trying to bring it altogether. I wasn’t ready for the very thing I was asking for.

Here’s what I did next…

I got busy pulling together everything I could; the information, the contacts the designs, the ideas and as I did, all the resources I needed began to either come together, fall into place and some of the things I thought I needed, I didn’t.

The reason I had to write this to you today is because I was listening to some marketing training and the trainer said “…about 5 years ago, people everywhere started to use the words ‘press play’ in their marketing”. I thought, “that’s so cool, that’s the same word God gave me in that season” maybe it was in the atmosphere in that season.

My encouragement to you today is “be ready to press play”. God has the desires of your heart and the answers to all your prayers. The question is, are you ready for it? Have you done your part? Is your heart, mind, body, environment ready to receive?

When I was believing God for my first car (because I really needed one but didn’t have enough money). By faith I started a car corner in my bedroom. There I placed all the little things I wanted for my car. The little air freshener, the A to Z (remember those), my de-icer, window wiper and tapes I had recorded. I was excited and ready for my blessing and that’s another miraculous testimony for another day.

Sometimes we feel like we’re waiting on God but sometimes… He’s waiting on us.

Would love to hear your comments below.

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